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G. Edward Martin

Edward Martin is an American author from the Midwest who writes in the genre of philosophic fiction. As of 2022 he is the author of two books: "13 Acorns" and "The Flower from the Garbage", with a third book currently in the works.
Philosophic fiction is the art of using stories to convey philosophical wisdom and articulate universal human stories. In this way, aren't all great stories philosophic fiction? Edward believes that all of our great stories which have survived for centuries or eons must be philosophic fiction or they would not have survived.
Although the world constantly changes, humanity remains largely the same. We act out the same play but on a different set with different props over the ages. All our old stories have survived because they are written about this essential play which characterizes the human experience.
Edward Martin aims to reinvigorate these old stories, pay homage to them, and add modern stories which may someday join their ranks. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to create, pursue meaning, and grow in wisdom.
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Testimonial from a Publisher: The Flower from the Garbage

"Your most recent manuscript was brought to our attention at the latest Editorial Board meeting when we discussed the potential of its publication. Having read all the reports, and taken note of the Editors' opinions, we can  confidently state that your work was found to be a most engaging read, and beautifully conceived and developed.
Your narrative explores different areas of human beings, focusing on aspects of man such as inner conflict and searching for fulfillment, entering a more intimate sphere. We believe, this is a work that displays a more mature writing style and shows a great use of some non-conventional stylistic and structural choices.
For this reason, it gives us great pleasure to..."

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